microSURE Antimicrobial Laundry Solution (1 Gallon)

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Up to 3 MONTHS of protection after ONE APPLICATION!

Protect yourself and business from lingering, unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses with microSURE Laundry Solution.

Wash apparel, upholstery, linens and fabric-based items commonly found in gathering places and at risk for carrying dangerous agents. 

Harmful micro-organisms can effortlessly invade various textiles, placing individuals at risk for infection and contamination. By using MicroSURE Antimicrobial Laundry Solution when washing textiles there is a significant decreased risk for bacterial attachment. Studies prove a persistent efficacy that lasts up to 75 commercial washes and beyond. This product has proven to work effectively against harmful pathogens for a long period of time and will help protect individuals from harmful microbes.


1 Gallon Bottle (Minimum Order applies)

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon Tote

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